“When I move, my concentration is given purely to being attentive. It is really the only thing I am interested in. I want to open up for the center and the periphery of the space at the same time. The place and what lives in it enter me. I become a receptacle, a witness of light: place speaks, soul is exposed.

What happens in a moment of pure perception? What about >is<? What about >could<?

In everything we encounter there is a living substance, a life within. It shows itself, speaks to us in places, in people, countries, political decisions, economic events and in cultural developments.”



Froehlich Collection, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Nov 2016
“December Blues”, Exhibition: Joseph Beuys and Philip Stoll

Galerie A®tlantis, Müller, Stuttgart

Oct 2016
„Perceiving Life in the 21st Century“, Solo Exhibition

Ytterjärna Kulturcentrum, Sweden
Jun 2014
“Invisible Visible”, Solo Exhibition




Art and Social Entrepreneurship“
2010 – 2014
Four-year, full time self-designed and self-directed training.
Influencing mentors: James Turrell (art), Prof. Eje Kaufeldt (music, flute), Nicanor Perlas (integral sustainability)


2004 – 2006
student of Ernst Kubitza, photographer and cinematographer