“When I move, my concentration is given purely to being attentive. It is really the only thing I am interested in. I want to open up for the center and the periphery of the space at the same time. The place and what lives in it enter me. I become a receptacle, a witness of light: place speaks, soul is exposed.

What happens in a moment of pure perception? What about >is<? What about >could<?

In everything we encounter there is a living substance, a life within. It shows itself, speaks to us in places, in people, countries, political decisions, economic events and in cultural developments.”


Art_EN, Witten, Dez 2020

Geibelstraße 2, Köln, April 2019
„Sense“, Show Room

Kunststation Sankt Peter, Köln, Jan-Feb 2019
„CONSENSUS – Space and Light“, Einzelausstellung

White Feather and ShadeTree Foundation, Los Angeles USA November 2017
„Drawings“, Präsentation und Künstlergespräch

Geibelstraße 2, Köln April 2017
„Portals“, Show Room

Stiftung Kulturimpuls, Dornach, Switzerland, März 2017
„Zeichnung, Bühne, Aufmerksamkeit“, Einzelausstellung

Froehlich Collection, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Nov 2016
“December Blues”, Exhibition: Joseph Beuys and Philip Stoll

Galerie A®tlantis, Müller, Stuttgart
Oct 2016
„Perceiving Life in the 21st Century“, Solo Exhibition

Elderberries Community Hub, Hollywood, California Oktober 2015
“See You America”, Artist-Talk

Skillebyholm, Sweden, Sep 2014 – Feb 2015
“Mit Ernst”, Solo-Exhibition

Ytterjärna Kulturcentrum, Sweden
Jun 2014
“Invisible Visible”, Solo Exhibition



Workshop in Ruanda „Versöhnung, Aufmerksamkeit und Kunst“ Herbst 2019



Art and Social Entrepreneurship“
2010 – 2014
Four-year, full time self-designed and self-directed training.
Influencing mentors: James Turrell (art), Prof. Eje Kaufeldt (music, flute), Nicanor Perlas (integral sustainability)


2004 – 2006
student of Ernst Kubitza, photographer and cinematographer


Grundeinkommen/Förderung durch ein Privat-Stipendium 2015-2018

Stipendium for Production period by Swedish Vidar Foundat


–  „Angefangen hab’ ich mit Land Art“ 2006

–  „Invisible Visible“, 2014

– CONSENSUS – LIGHT AND SPACE, 2019, mit Wulf Herzogenrath, Pater Stephan Kessler, Jannis Keuerleber, Valeska Stach – Coming Soon

– “Murambi I See You Seeing Me Seeing You”, 2021, 25 Jahre ruandischer Genozid, Gemeinschaftspublikation der Evangelisch-Theologischen Fakultät der Ruhr Universität Bochum

– “The Art of Global Social Witnessing”, 2021, Ubigity University and University Witten-Herdecke